Matthew Slutsky
BuzzBuzzHome Corp.
December 8, 2009

Google Goggles is a new and amazing new visual search application for Android phones. A picture is worth a thousand words, and Google has taken that literally. Instead of using words, take a picture of an object with your camera phone and Google will attempt to recognize the object, and return relevant search results.

As you can see from the video below, take a picture of a landmark or a restaurant or a book and Google will Goggle you the relevant information on what you are looking at. Google’s Goggle is working on new cool features, such as taking a picture of a leaf, and finding out about the plant; or, taking a picture of a chess board, and getting a recommendation for the next move.

Of course, that leads BuzzBuzzHome to the question: What will Google Goggle do for real estate?

Imagine taking a picture of a for-sale house, and getting the full listing of the property – it could be like a virtual flyer along with interior pictures! Or, taking a picture of a house, and getting the previous selling history on that house. That would be cool!

As an agent, how much do you spend on bus-stop advertising, garbage adverts (got to love the Brad Lamb advertisement to the right!) or bench advertising? Does it actual work? Are people actually driving by and jotting down your phone number? I doubt it. But, imagine someone could take a picture of your advert, and instantly get your full contacting information online, along with your business card. Genius.

What about new-developments? Imagine taking a picture of a condo, townhouse of new home construction site, and instantly getting the full downlow on that property. Well, lets hope Google doesn’t do that too fast… BuzzBuzzHome is working on it!

Check out the video from Google below:

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