BILD president’s take on new rules requiring condos to provide Metropasses to buyers. I would like to know if BILD was involved in the discussions regarding this, and if they are planning to do anything about it.

(Source: Toronto Star)

Whether they want it or not, whether they need it or not, new condo buyers in the City of Toronto are going to get a “free” TTC Metropass for a year from their condo builder thanks to a recent decision by city council.

Under the new policy, developers of condominium buildings with 20 or more units located in specified areas of the city (basically anywhere a developer would want to build) will be required to provide every purchaser in that building with a Metropass “at no cost.”

This the city’s way of encouraging people to take transit but everybody except city staff and council knows that people aren’t going to use the TTC just because their benevolent developer was forced to give them a pass.

Read Stephen Dupuis’ full article “‘Free’ TTC Metropass will make condos more costly” in the Toronto Star (December 12, 2009).

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