BuzzBuzzHome says: While the size of condominium units are decreasing, new suite layouts coupled with new technologies and great amenities make such small suites liveable for families… check out “The Small Suite – A review of shrinking residential condominium suites, and their liveability“.

(Source: National Post)

It is the dominant form of housing under construction in urban centres across the country. But smart design and effective use of space cannot compensate for the fact that the condominium is simply too small for families. The typical unit is a one-bedroom and averages about 600 square feet.

According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., multi-family units made up half of the 117,500 units constructed in the first 11 months of 2009 in cities of 10,000 people or more. Condominiums represent the bulk of the multi-family housing segment, although it does include other categories such as townhouses.

Read Gary Marr’s full article “Condo boom leaves little room for families” in the National Post (December 29, 2009).

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