Matthew Slutsky
December 11, 2009

Friday mornings are normally great.

Over the last year I have stopped reading the newspaper; I read all of my news online. However, Fridays are special. On Fridays I grab a cup of coffee, get the Globe and Mail delivered, and read the real-estate section. To be honest, I do not “read” the section… I look at the ads.

Today I was disappointed with the low number of ads. Maybe it is the holidays? But, today there were only three ads to view.

Nevertheless… these three ads were all special for their own reasons….

First off, Empire Communities (Rain Condos, Star Tower, Fly Condo, The Modern, C Condominium, Vintages of Richmond Hill).

The Empire Community ad always grabs my attention, because it is in a location (called an Earlug) that I have always wanted for BuzzBuzzHome. Over the past few weeks Empire has changed their ad from “Where in the Empire do you want to live?” to the current website address. I loved that old ad. It would have been perfect for BuzzBuzzHome! Check out the earlug ad below..

The second advert this week of interest is Tridel’s ad for James Cooper Mansion, Three Hundred Front Street West, and Reve.

This ad I find to be of note because recently Tridel has moved Reve’s sales centre from their head-office down to The Tridel Store. I haven’t yet been there, but have been meaning to go for months. Tridel has also started using their slogan “Relax, it’s a Tridel”. I really love that slogan. They are amazing builders and developers.

The last ad is on the back side of the Globe and Mail for Success Tower at Pinnacle Centre.

I normally hate the Success ads. Maybe it is their logo? Maybe it is the blandness of the ad? Maybe it is the fact that they have the back page every week? Nevertheless, this week something has changed for the better! Do I like the ad? Nope. But, it is definitely an improvement from their previous ads.

Anyone looking for their new Toronto condo this week may have been a bit disappointed by the lack of ads. However, it is the holiday season, and I am sure there will be plenty of new marketing campaigns in the new year!

Now I wonder, how many ads will be in the Toronto Star’s New In Homes section on Saturday?

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