Another way that government is killing off developers and builders. Who is The City to decide who will actually use the TTC. Who is The City to decide what is a good “marketing campaign”. I am all for public transit, but this is not the proper way to attempt to increase ridership. What a waste.

(Source: National Post)

Developers building condos on Toronto transit lines will now have to buy every unit a TTC metropass for a year in order to obtain condominium approval from the city, a policy critics say comes at a high cost and without proof people will use it.

“How does the city know that everyone is going to want or need a metropass?” said Stephen Dupuis, president and chief executive officer of Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD).

City council voted yesterday in favour of the policy, which Mr. Dupuis said adds a systemic cost of about $1,400 per unit. He said his organization is pro-transit, “but people are going to take transit if it suits their lifestyle.”

Read Natalie Alcoba’s full article “City orders condo developers to buy annual metropass for every unit” in the National Post (December 5, 2009).

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