UPDATE! December 17 2009 – 11:10pm – STILL NOT WORKING for many users – Rogers Wireless says issue still being worked on.

UPDATE! December 17 2009 – 6:53pm – Email for many Blackberries is still not working! Some that stopped working but then started to work are again NOT WORKING!

UPDATE! December 17 2009 – 2:48pm – Some Blackberries are still not working!

UPDATE! December 17 2009 – 12:56pm – Blackberry service is restored at BuzzBuzzHome! Phew… it was a tough morning!

If you’re in real estate there’s a good chance you either have a Blackberry or have emailed someone’s Blackberry today.

I woke up this morning and had ZERO emails on my Blackberry. What! I did a battery reset cause I know zero emails was impossible but now I understand…BlackBerry email service is DOWN!

Independent BlackBerry customers across North and South America have been without email since 3:15 a.m., Research in Motion spokesperson Marisa Conway confirmed this morning to the Toronto Star.

“Some BlackBerry customers may be currently experiencing delays receiving email. Our technical teams are working to resolve this issue for those impacted. Phone services, browsing and PIN-to-PIN messaging are not impacted. We apologize for any inconvenience,” Conway said in an email from New York.

A Rogers spokesperson said the problem affects BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) customers, but not corporate customers who use BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES).

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