Talking about small spaces… you must have a pretty clear idea that small spaces could be quite rewarding, starting with cost of purchasing, cost of maintenance, great for resale in terms of value and marketing efforts. There are many reasons why a small space is a desirable space for many of first time buyers, single professionals and why not even for downsizers who have multiple residences in the world. There are definitely few factors to consider when looking for a small space, as not all of them are equally well presented either on paper (when considering buying pre construction condos) or in reality (when going to open houses currently available on the market).

Next time you go to an open house of a small space, look for these 3 elements and make at least mental notes on how you felt in that space: light, height and sight. Let’s dissect each element and see why it may potentially increase the value of your space.

Read Carmen Dragomir’s full blog posting “3 IMPORTANT FACTORS TO CONSIDER BEFORE BUYING A SMALL SPACE” in Carmen’s Corner (December 13, 2009).

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