Vancouver’s “top” real estate marketer says the city’s market is in for a long-term boost because of the Olympics. I would be really concerned about Vancouver’s market if a real-estate marketer said anything less!

(Source: 24 Hours Vancouver)

Cameron McNeill, president of MAC Marketing Solutions, says foreign investment in local properties has always been prominent in the city but may reach new heights after the Games.

“The Olympics will not do anything else but put a spotlight on the city,” said McNeill, who sold more than 1,000 homes in 2009 and just reactivated a condo project, “James,” at the Olympic Village. “I don’t think the Olympics will change prices right after the Games, but it will in the mid- to long-term. I’m thinking the two- to five-year range.”

Read Matt Kieltyka’s full article “Real estate to get a boost” in 24 Hour News (November 4, 2009)

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