Matthew Slutsky
November 10, 2009

1. Purge… weekly! Dig deeper, and get rid of more. Don’t be a hoarder, and throw as much out as possible (or give away all your junk).

Think that the item may not be junk? If you have to think about it, trash it.

Shed repeatedly and shed often, because despite your best efforts, clutter will creep into your home.

2. Everything must have a place, and keep it in that place You can keep the “homey” feeling of your home even after purging. Just ensure that all your nik-naks have a place, and keep them in that place.

With a small space, disorganization is clutter.

3. Pickup, clean, and dust… daily Spending time on the maintenance of your small suite is far easier and more efficient than spending time on “cleaning”.

During the day, things accumulate, so put them back in their proper space (see point 2). If you have an “eat-here” table in a small suite, most likely it accumulates a lot of “stuff” on a daily basis. If you do not pickup daily, chances are that after two days you will not have room at your table to eat dinner.

4. One in, one out… Bringing something new into your home? Then throw something out!

5. Make more storage… from unusual places! When Carlie moved in to our condo, her sister had the brilliant idea of purchasing storage containers and keeping them under the bed. This has opened up a huge amount of extra storage for sweaters, summer clothes, and bedding. As we live in a two-bedroom plus den, we use the guest-bathroom shower as an extra closet (thanks to my mom for that suggestion!).

Oh yeah… buy a locker!

(Note: This blog posting is a supplement to the posting “The Small Suite – A review of shrinking residential condominium suites, and their livability“)

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