Freakonomics authors thought they had the global-warming guys mad at them…. What will the real-estate agents do?

I am looking forward to reading this book, and giving my own critique…

(Source: Chicago Sun Times)

The provocateurs who made economics cool with the best-selling book Freakonomics are back with a sequel, Super-Freakonomics, that is causing quite a stir in global warming circles for its flip handling of a serious subject.

But nobody reads this space for global warming news. Indeed, I’m more interested in causing a stir with another of the book’s flip assertions: that a pimp’s services are more valuable than a real estate agent.

In arriving at their conclusion that a pimp provides more value than a real estate agent, the authors analyzed two completely unrelated studies.

Read Mark Brown’s full article “Superfreaky idea pits pimps vs. real estate agents” in the Chicago Sun Times (November 2, 2009).

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