(Source: Calgary Herald)

Five accidents on Calgary construction sites since May–including the death of three-year-old Michelle Krsek who was crushed by falling debris from a highrise building site downtown — have shaken public confidence in the practices and protocols currently governing our building sites.

Substance abuse on the job, improperly secured material and too few inspectors are among the repeat problems, prompting the Alberta government to issue a safety alert, reminding companies of their duty under the occupational health and safety legislation. The bulletin alert sites a number of areas, including Section 318 of the code, which says workers must be protected from falling objects with overhead protection and adequate warning devices, Section 314, which stipulates that dangerous openings and holes must be secured or guarded, and Section 189, which calls for equipment and materials to be secured against dislodgement or movement.

Read the full article “Falling standards, deadly debris” in the Calgary Herald (November 8, 2009).

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