Co-operation replaces competition as decade-long talks head toward shared on-line property listings

(Source: The Toronto Star)

Nine years ago, some of Canada’s largest realtors sat down to discuss how they could start an alternative to the Multiple Listing Service.

The presidents of ReMax Ontario Atlantic Canada, Royal LePage and Century 21 were unhappy with real estate board fees and services. They publicly threatened to break away from the Canadian Real Estate Board-owned MLS and form their own group.

Since their first meetings almost a decade ago, the companies, which account for more than half the listings in Canada, have had ongoing talks. But this time the tone is more one of co-operation than rebellion.

The companies hope to share listings on their own websites, but not as an alternative to the MLS.

Read Tony Wong’s full article “MLS rebellion has mellowed with age” in the Toronto Star (November 18, 2009).

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