Israel number one…Canada comes in number thirteen on the list…

(Source: Global Property Guide)

Housing markets in the world’s leading economies continue to recover, says the Global Property Guide’s summary of housing statistics for the year to end-Q3, 2009. (

Many housing markets in leading economies remain distressed. Of the 27 countries which have already published their Q3 data, more countries have experienced house price falls (17 countries) during the year to date, than have enjoyed price rises (10). In addition, the house price falls in several countries have been much larger than house price rises anywhere, and include unprecedentedly severe falls in Latvia (-59.7% year to date), the UAE (-48.1%), Bulgaria (-28.7%), Iceland (-21.2%), Russia (-19.5%) and Slovakia (-15.3%) (all figures inflation-adjusted).

Read the full report, “World’s housing markets recovering unevenly: Q3, 2009″ at Global Property Guide Nov 25, 2009.

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