Sherbourne is changing. So is Toronto. The future of the GTA’s most notorious avenue may hold clues about what’s in store for all of us

(Source: The Toronto Star)

The condominium has not yet emerged from the ground, its cement and iron footings being formed to hold 17 storeys of polished glass and aluminum with suites selling for less than $300,000. In 18 months, “The Modern” promises to be a landscaped playpen for young downtowners.

A short block north on Sherbourne Street, the city’s most damaged, desperate and dangerous roam for drugs, hookers and easy cash. Men with nowhere to go and nothing to do kill time until the shelters open or until sleep overcomes them in Moss Park.

Read Mary Ormsby’s full article “Sherbourne: Toronto’s ‘city in one street’” in The Toronto Star (November 29, 2009).

Think The Modern would make for a new new Toronto condo?

Map The Modern, ‘here‘.
View The Modern’s Hive, ‘

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