November 1, 2009

What? Is there really such a little supply of housing and so much demand that people are attaching Leafs tickets and personal notes to their bids? What about people attaching videos of their children with their bids? This just seems too crazy to be true. However, according to the Toronto Star:

When Amanda Cohen and Noah Segal received multiple offers on their semi-detached downtown Toronto home Sunday, one stood out. Along with a written bid, the potential buyers included a video presentation with a unique message.

“They showed their baby ‘signing’ the offer and told us how much they loved our place,” says Cohen.

Yikes! The low interest rates coupled with a drought of listings have pushed home sales up 34 per cent from the same time last year and multiple offers tens-of-thousands of dollars over asking.

As for the technique of attaching personal-sentiment to the bids to affect the emotions of the sellers? Who is kidding who? You would think that the ultimate dollar triumphs all; however according to The Star article, there are cases where this emotional attachment has worked. I don’t buy it. While people claim that is why they took the “lower bid”, I imagine that if we read all the offers, the truth would come out.

Watch the video from the story, here.

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