Adam Ochshorn is the President and Founder of Grand Metropolitan Homes, and the one of the developers of The Annex Loft Houses. Ochshorn has a long history of developing and building luxury homes in Toronto and traveled extensively for ideas when planning The Annex Loft Houses.

Recently Ochshorn sent BuzzBuzzHome an email regarding his trip to South Beach (making us very jealous!), and provided us with some insight into the thought-process behind the moveable fireplaces at The Annex Loft Houses.

Adam Ochshorn
Grand Metropolitan Homes
November 24, 2009

As I am sitting here poolside at the South Beach W Hotel; in the evening the pool area is known as WET. In the evenings, this area turns into an outdoor lounge, where chaise lounges become king-size beds and candles in old fashioned bell jars are everywhere creating a subdued yellow glow. The people are ecstatic to be in such a relaxed outdoor atmosphere at the end of a beautiful day.

There is one outside fireplace and most of the guests that came outside to relax, gravitated to this area. At The Annex Loft Houses, with the ethanol fuel fireplaces, owners will be able to bring these beautiful fireplaces to any location they wish – whether at a dinner party inside or outside, their master bedroom, or even their private terraces.

Matt, these unique fireplaces are so light that almost any adult is easily able to move it around from any location they desire. The purchasers at Annex Loft Houses are very excited about these firepaces – as are we! The reaction to them has been tremendous.


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