Matthew Slutsky
November 25, 2009

Not so many months ago sales centres were silent… developers and builders were giving away deals of the century to attract clients… seems that the chaos has started again, with projects selling out in weekends and Broker VIP event line ups around the block. YIKES…

Just this morning at 5:30am I began to see Twitter postings from agents lining up for the X2 Condominium Broker VIP event, with pictures showing multiple lines around the block. By 7:30am confusion began to spread among those in line. A dispute broke out between the groups over which line would be honoured. Each group said they received different instructions from the developer.

I drove by the line-up at 8:15am, where I saw protesters with signs saying “unfair”. What was this all about? According to Mark Savel (blog here), one of the two lines mentioned above was deemed “fake”, and not permitted… that line was not being honoured.

YIKES, again! So, it begins again… the condo chaos of Toronto.

Why? How? Who? There are a lot of new condominium projects in the City, so how does the hype spread for these projects? Who are actually buying these units? Could it be the lure of 4% commission for agents (with 2% paid in 30 days)? Could it be the pent up demand from the past year, and the low supply? Maybe the over-hype from newspapers and real-estate sections? Priced low? Or something completely different? What are your thoughts?

Here are some Twitter postings from the lineup:

@AndrewLaFleur – Two competing line ups at the X2 condo launch. Which one is the ‘true’ line? Cop says the north line is it. Numbers are late by 1hr already

@StephStoute – Watching the chaos unfold at Bloor and Bedford over X2. Amazing!

@SavelSells – Line for #ttc tickets or condos?

@AndrewLaFleur – More cops would be helpful. Chaos is starting. South line is chanting protest slogans

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Thanks to Mark Savel for the picture below.

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