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One dollar doesn’t go too far these days. You can download an MP3. You can give a valet a really crappy tip. You can almost do a load of laundry. But do you think you could buy a house? How about a mansion? Believe it or not, the following five properties were secured for a cool single.

5. Dodger Stadium

In the 1950s, Dodgers President Walter O’Malley was looking to build a new home for his team in Brooklyn, New York. When city officials threw a wrench in his plans, he looked west to the city of Los Angeles. At the time, the Chávez Ravine was chosen as the location for a new public housing project. Before approval could take place, the L.A. political climate changed, primarily with the election of Mayor Norris Poulson. The new priority for Los Angeles was to secure a world class baseball team. And through the power of eminent domain, the city sold the land which was to become the home of Dodger Stadium to O’Malley for a single dollar.

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