Cliff Peskin
Oct 22, 2009

So this post isn’t really about real estate. However it does contain information relevant to those involved in real estate.

To start with, yesterday my hard drive crashed and died. This was only a half disaster as I use a pretty cool program called Mozy to backup my most important folders online – if interested there is a free version of Mozy for backing up under 2 gigs you can grab off their website.

I installed a new hard drive with Dell’s assistance. As a side note, Dell has taken to asking customers to dis-assemble and re-assemble computers (with a screwdriver) as they guide you over the phone. Once my computer was back up and Windows reinstalled, I began reinstalling all my programs and folders. The entire process isn’t yet complete, has taken a tremendously long time, and many of my bookmarks, and settings have been lost forever. This scenario is in fact so unpleasant and affects so many people that it begs the question, ‘Where the Hell is Chrome OS?’

For those who haven’t heard of Chrome OS, it’s Google’s new operating system that employs cloud computing to move your computer’s user interface, data and programs all to the web. In other words, your computer becomes an easily replaceable gateway to your programs and data that are no longer stored on your hard-drive but are distributed throughout the ‘cloud’.

The advantages of web based operating systems such as Chrome OS are multi fold. The following are three of the biggest:

1. No Data Loss or Catastrophic Computer Failure -your programs and data are stored in the cloud. If your computer breaks or is lost just grab someone else’s computer or maybe a spare you keep in your closet. If you’re unconvinced that the ‘cloud’ is reliable, ask ask yourself how many times Gmail or Hotmail has lost your email – answer is probably never.

2. Access your data from anywhere – many people have more than one computer but how do they keep them synchronized? They don’t, and its annoying and inefficient. With Chrome OS this issue is resolved as personal computers become only entry points to all one’s data and apps on the net.

3. Cheaper and Faster Computers – With web based operating systems the hardware requirements of personal computers becomes less demanding as the burden becomes shared with the net. For instance, Nvidia just launched a product that enables cloud renderings of 3d images – with such offerings its not the graphics processor on your computer that counts but the one in the cloud.

The arrival of web based operating systems is sure to be drawn out and include initial hiccups. Nevertheless, as I battled through the reinstall of my OS, computer programs and files I was still pre-occupied with the question, ‘Where the Hell is Chrome OS?’.

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