Visionary Jim Green predicts area’s most derelict block will be sparkling by 2012

(Source: Province)

There’s a reason Jim Green chose a sixth-floor, east-facing office in the Dominion Building from which to launch his post-political consulting career.

“I wanted this space so I could look at Woodward’s,” said Green, sitting in a work space cluttered with books, art and memorabilia from four decades as a Downtown Eastside social housing developer, politician and powerbroker.

“Woodward’s is something that’s gathered attention around the world. It represents diversity and inclusion. There’s a thesis being done on it. One book’s been written [Toward an Ethical Architecture] and another [Body Heat] is being released.”

Read David Carrigg’s full article “How Woodward’s worked its magic” in Province (October 6, 2009).

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