Pre-sale crowd: Queue extended down the street

(Source: The Province)

The lineup on Arcola Street in Burnaby formed early, and it formed long.

It wasn’t for a rock concert or a sporting event.

Rather, on Friday, Oct. 2, a full day before the Luma condominium pre-sale centre opened to the public, some 25 people slept on sidewalks so they would be the first in line when the doors opened.

And the lineup behind them extended down the street — all for the chance to live in a sleek, 26-storey glass tower that will not be completed until May 2011.

Hundreds of people attended the pre-sale on Saturday, Oct. 3, leading to the sale of 135 of 180 Luma condominiums on a single day.

Read Laura Stone’s full article “All lined up to move into Luma” in The Province (October 10, 2009).

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