Confidence in high end condo market has returned quickly…Vancouver’s Concord Pacific just sold 230 units of its Cosmo Condos in three days…Ritz-Carlton Vancouver back on…

Last fall, Canada’s real estate market went into a deep sleep. In Vancouver, construction of the glitzy Ritz-Carlton hotel-condo stalled, while at the nearby Jameson House luxury-condo site, builders got only as far as a half-dug hole when financing collapsed. The scene in Toronto seemed no better. The hysteria around the proposed 80-storey condo at Yonge and Bloor went from frothing to comatose. Again, unstable financing amid the global economic meltdown was to blame.

Read the full article by Jasmine Budak “Real estate: New life for high-end condos” in Canadian Business (Oct 2009).

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