October 19, 2009

Ivanka Trump, who has just written a new book (see here), was on “Nightline” last week, and she said this about her own rise in power:

“You can be born into privilege, or you can not be born into privilege. You can be born into the opposite extreme and into poverty. I think from there on, though, you really do have to make your luck.”

Huh? Does she really think that someone born into a crackhouse has the same opportunity as someone who was born into a New York penthouse? Is she kidding?

She may be smart and hard-working, but if she had been born in a trailer park, I doubt she would be vice president of the Trump real-estate empire. Best schools (Wharton for Ivanka), contacts, trade favours, socializing with the rich-and-famous… that pushes people to the top, and of course, smarts.

“I believe that, of course, nepotism got me in the door,” Ivanka acknowledged, “if I was not performing in a way that was satisfactory . . . I could not stay within the organization.” That makes sense, and I am sure that she is excellent at what she does. But, Ivanka has had every opportunity. “Opportunity” is the key, and there are plenty of great young people who have no opportunity or have to fight like dogs for the smallest opportunity.

It is demeaning to everyone working their butts off to rise up from nothing and break a cycle of poverty, to say otherwise.

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