Oct. 30, 2009

Google is getting into real estate. It recently made two announcements about how it is ramping up its real estate search options:

The first announcement, made on its AdWords blog, is about a new comparison feature suited perfectly to real estate. Although the functionality is being rolled out slowly for testing, it enables users to filter what they’re really searching for. The example Google provides on its blog is someone searching for a mortgage. The user would be given the option to specify exactly what type of mortgage they’re looking for. Options may include loan, refinance, fixed, adjustable and so on.

The second announcement by Google, made on its Lat Long Blog, is about its enhanced real estate search on Google Maps. Google first launched the ability to view real estate listings on Google Maps back in July. Since then it has refined its real estate search by allowing users to select “Real Estate” directly from the ‘More’ button on the top right of any Google map. Visitors may then narrow their search by checking the boxes for renting or buying, apartment or house, price, and so on.

For some Canadians, the advancing push by Google into real estate begs the question (as posted on Twitter by #realcash) Will Century 21 now sue Google?

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