Cliff Peskin


Oct 1 2009

Google Wave is coming. For those who have never heard of it, Wave is an attempt by Google to reinvent email – no joke, Google wants the Wave protocol to replace the e-mail protocol.

Wave may be considered email 2.0 – maybe even 3.0. This means it works in real time, tries to be intuitive, employs lots of gadgets and has a cool sounding name. But, most pertinent about Wave, is that it merges e-mail with instant messaging, wikis and social networking. It is a culmination of every net shattering collaborative technology shmooshed into one platform.

How is wave going to effect real estate? Here are five possible ways – assuming its not all a bunch of hype: (note – check out video below for a better understanding of what Wave is really all about).

1. Every real estate agent will learn and adopt Wave email about as fast as they adopted their blackberries and Iphones. They will communicate with each other and their clients using threaded Waves avoiding the redundancy and inefficiency of email – and potentially saving themselves lots of time.

2. Real estate listings will include Waves. This means that the listing agent of a home may create a Wave for a particular open house. The wave will include the address, time, description, and photos of the open house. The seller or agent will then add potential purchasers to their open house Wave who then may then ask questions, post answers and edit content all within one collaborative environment.

3. International and cross cultural real estate transactions will be made easier by Wave’s instantaneous language translation. A Jordanian purchaser may communicate with a French seller in real time over Wave each speaking in their own prospective languages.

4. Online real estate listing services will embrace Waves as an additional medium for providing information about their listings. Viewing a listing on Zillow, for example, will provide the visitor with access to one or more Waves about that particular home.

5. Purchasers will be the greatest beneficiaries of Google Wave as it offers them another collaborative and social medium for researching and discussing their potential purchases.

Let us know your thoughts on Google Wave and how it may affect real estate and communication in general – we’d love to hear them.

According to a recent post at Slashdot News – Google Wave may however be over-hyped.

Reviews of Google Wave are out, and opinions are that it has potential as a development platform but is noisy to use for real-time communication. Robert Scoble calls it overhyped, claiming it’s useful for little more than personal IM or small-scale project collaboration. He complains about the noisiness of tracking dozens of people chatting him at once in real-time and calls trying to use it a ‘productivity killer’ compared to simpler mediums like email and Twitter.”

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