September 30, 2009

Where would you want to live if you recently graduated university, were launching a new career and looking for a mate?

In the article mentioned below, The Wall Street Journal outlines the coolest areas in the US, but what about Canada?

Big cities dominate our panelists’ forecasts. Where trendy smaller cities might have captivated youth in the past, today’s recession-scarred young people are more pragmatic, placing “greater emphasis on where high-quality, high-paying jobs are created,” says Ross DeVol, director of regional economics for the nonprofit Milken Institute. Northeastern and West Coast cities are ascendant, eclipsing former Sunbelt favorites such as Atlanta.

Washington DC and Seattle topped the lists in the US. In Canada, would you prefer the hip and casual Halifax over the cosmopolitan allure of Toronto or Vancouver? Or, would you prefer the fashionable and European flair of Montreal? Or, maybe the rugged and American feeling of Calgary? Or, potentially, everyone wants to live in Oakville or Barrie?

We would love to hear your thoughts and determine the 5 cities that will emerge as the hottest, hippest destinations for upwardly mobile, educated workers in their 20s. Comment below, or send us an email at info [at] buzzbuzzhome [dot] com.

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