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Toronto indeed has cause to celebrate. Today Concord CityPlace presents a Sneak Preview of the first major public park in the downtown core in decades.

“The as yet unnamed 8-acre park is the result of five years of planning and construction and was built at a cost of about $8 million,” says Terry Hui, president and CEO of Concord Adex Inc., creator of Concord CityPlace.

“It is the shining jewel in Concord CityPlace’s crown,” he says. “From the outset we wanted Concord CityPlace to be a remarkable place to live and what better way to ensure that necessary quality of life for our residents than with a very large, green central park.

“Parks are distinguishing features of the best places to live in the best cities in the world. New York has Central Park, London has Hyde Park and Green Park, Paris has the Tuileries and Luxembourg Gardens, Rome has the Borghese Gardens and now Toronto has this wonderful park at Concord CityPlace.

“It is something all the people of Toronto can share and take pride in.”

The new park runs north from Fort York Boulevard and sits about halfway between Spadina Avenue and Bathurst streets. To the north, it is anchored by Concord CityPlace’s spectacular Parade condominium.

Read the full press release “Toronto Celebrates as Concord CityPlace Opens First New Downtown Park in Decades” in MarketWire (September 10, 2009)

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