Matthew Slutsky
September 18, 2009

Everyone talks about spotting famous people in Toronto during TIFF, other than me. Either on an elevator, or a casual bump in, people seem to see famous people. How do I know this? Because everyone seems to post pictures of themselves with famous people on Facebook and Twitter.

Oprah? U2? Ricky Gervais? Ed Norton? Where are you?

I walked Yorkville countless times. I hung out on Cumberland’s “Rock Island” for three nights. I took some random elevators up and down. I even tried waiting in a big-crowd outside some night club for a few minutes. Nope. No-one.

My brother is a film critic, and interviewed everyone; not even he could help me.

Yes it is true that I probably could not recognize five “super-stars” if my life depended on it, but this year I was determined to find someone famous.

It did not happen. Until next year!

I should also mention that everyone that I bumped into in Yorkville claimed to be “…out for a stroll”; yeah right! You were out for the same reason I was, then again, you were all probably successful.

Yes. It is true. This blog has nothing to do with real-estate or land development. Sorry.

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