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According to a warning by Ottawa (Canada) police, an online phishing scam is targeting post-secondary students who are looking for a residential place.

The scam relates to many listings added to websites like one which Alex Yeaman, a university student discovered on Craigslist, unfolding a condo that is fully furnished and located in the downtown’s center for a matchless price.

Yeaman recalled that he was extremely pleased for he felt like having found diamond.

He therefore contacted the house’s owner through e-mail and the following day got a queer response which said that the house’s owner was in Africa engaged in missionary work, however, the keys could be sent to him through courier provided he wired certain amount of money as security deposit.

But Yeaman realized that the e-mail was nothing but a scam and said that he immediately snapped all connections with the e-mail sender.

However, a lot of others weren’t as fast towards identifying the fraud. Police said that numerous Ontarians trusted the scam e-mail and fell victim each year.

Moreover, in similar news, the Better Business Bureau of Chicago (U.S) has been alerting netizens to watch out for a new scam that offers apartments on rent.

Read the full article “Real Estate Scams Try To Prey On Potential Student And Other Tenants” in Spam Fighter News (September 12, 2009).

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