September 2, 2009

Do you still read the newspaper? I do. Do you still read magazines? I do.

Over the past few months BuzzBuzzHome has posted a few articles referencing print-media circulation and advertising. One Canadian publishing house continually writes us emails regarding these posts, saying that we are “attacking print” and that they have “never seen any competitive media so adamant about trying to discredit another medium”.

I was taken aback by these emails. We do not see our postings as “attacking print” or “trying to discredit another medium”. We never posted the articles thinking that they would be offensive. In fact, we posted them because they are interesting stories, and believe that our readers find these articles as interesting as we do.

Check out the posting here:
1. The Internet surpasses newspapers as the number one source for
researching real estate
Newsstand Magazine Sales Continue To Drop; and,
ZILLOW TO THE RESCUE: Newspapers looking for new revenue as advertising
dollars dry up

We would love to hear your thoughts on our postings related to print. Do you find them of interest? Do you find them offensive? Please comment below, or if you do not see the discussion group then click ‘here‘ and scroll to the bottom.

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