Real estate agents, retailers, wholesalers and financial firms have led a rebound in the Canadian labour market. August was the first month in a year that private employers hired more workers than they fired. The push consisted of “a burst” of part-time hiring, Statistics Canada said in Ottawa on Friday. The positive numbers are being seen as a sign that Canada’s recession may be over…

Canada’s economy unexpectedly added jobs in August, as private employers hired more people than they fired for the first time since September 2008.

Net employment rose by 27,100, led by a burst of part-time hiring, Statistics Canada said in Ottawa Friday. The unemployment rateincreased to 8.7 per cent from 8.6 per cent because more people started looking for work, Statscan said.

Read the full article by Kevin Carmichael “Part-time works surges in Canada” in the Globe and Mail (September 4, 2009).

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