September 22, 2009 is more than just another “real estate sales site”; Re/Max Realtors Garth Juriansz and Mark Savel aim to make this a lifestyle Blog covering the latest developments in the Yonge and Bloor area (click here for location).

Of course, with the fall of Bazis International’s condo “One Bloor”, and the launch of Great Gulf’s condominium “Number One Bloor“, this is one hot neighbourhood for conversation.

Juriansz and Savel aim to provide lifestyle updates and news stories on the area.

Realtor sites are generally dull and boring, simply recycling land-developer’s marketing materials to draw traffic, and connect with a couple lost potential purchasers. Savel, and a handful of other agents, are working to create depth to their blogs including interesting stories, and first hand news of what is happening in the real estate market. Such agents have embraced the powers of the internet, as opposed to simply jumping on the bandwagon. takes this approach one step further, and is different than any Realtor website I have seen. It is a passive pitch, which does not outwardly aim to sell anything. The goal of the site is to provide information and news to anyone interested in the area, and if by chance one of these people are considering purchasing a new home, I am sure Savel and Juriansz will be the trusted Realtors.

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