UPDATE: It appears that Monopoly’s servers have been overloaded due to the high demand for the game. Monopoly is currently fixing the problem, and MAY reset the game once the issues have been fixed.

Matthew Slutsky
September 9, 2009

I love games! I love real-estate! I love technology! So, how excited am I that today Hasbro and Google have teamed up for an online, real-world version of the board game Monopoly! Obviously, don’t expect many blog posts today, and don’t expect me to answer my phone!

Get online, and checkout Monopoly City Streets; according to their blog, the game will start at 1pm, EST. Tic toc, tic toc!

Get ready to get your game on, Monopoly global style. The game is live, and being run on Google Maps as the game board with the entire world up for sale.

Slumlords and real estate tycoons get ready, as per the site, “Own any street in the world. Build humble houses, crazy castles and stupendous skyscrapers to collect rent. Use Monopoly Chance cards to sabotage your mates by building hazards on their streets.”

Contrary to public belief, Google itself didn’t have a major hand in building the game; Hasbro directed the process, using the Google Maps API, street data from OpenStreetMap, and some guidance from the Google team.

Here’s how the global Monopoly game will work: You will start with $3 million in Monopoly dollars. Buy whatever street you want, and build what you want. Of course, some areas will be more expensive than others. According to the Daily Mail, you can “…buy Downing Street for $231,000, while Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, where the White House stands, costs $2 million.” Each day you get rent, from $50,000 for a house to $100 million for a skyscraper”.

Oh yeah, the best part of all, the game is free to play!

Even though today is my girl-friends birthday, I hope she doesn’t expect me to give her free parking!

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