September 23, 2009

Check this out! This map represents a visualization by distance to the nearest McDonald’s across the United States.

This is not my data, or my map, it is from a blog posting at Weathersealed, in a post entitled “Where The Buffalo Roam“.

So, if road-tripping across the US, and have a hankering for a BigMac, lets hope that you are not South Dakata between the tiny Dakotan hamlets of Meadow and Glad Valley (the McFarthest Spot), which is 172 km distant from the nearest McDonald’s, as the crow flies, and 233 km by car!

If I had some spare time, it would be interesting to get this data for Canada and overlap it with Tim Hortons, then layer it with pre-construction new development prices, and see how the proximity to a McDonalds and Tim Hortons affects the price per square foot.

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