(Source: Winnipeg Free Press)

Officials in Calgary were called out to investigate Saturday evening after a piece of scaffolding toppled from the 19th storey of a downtown building under construction, crashing onto a parkade ramp.

The incident comes one day after three companies were charged with safety violations connected with the August death of a three-year-old Calgary girl, who was killed just two blocks away by falling construction material.

No one was injured in Saturday’s incident, but firefighters, a city inspector and building workers were called to the scene to ensure materials near the top of the highrise were secure.

The building was one of those subject to a recent safety review blitz by the City of Calgary.

It was unclear why the piece of scaffolding fell Saturday evening, said Marco Civitarese, the city’s operational supervisor for building regulations.

But he expressed frustration that such incidents are occurring.

Read Richard Cuthbertson’s full article “Material crashes from another Calgary construction site” in the Winnipeg Free Press (September 27, 2009).

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