Why is it that the general public does not seem to be outraged by the Harmonized Sales Tax? I get the feeling that people have heard about the HST, but feel powerless against it, and are thus ignoring it. Well, now it may be too late. People really should have taken a harder stand against this tax (as some developers/builders refer to it, “The Holy Shit Tax”). I am sure anyone looking to buy a new home after July 1 2010 will be sorry they didn’t take a stand. Read up on the HST, but clicking here.

Here is a snippet of the latest article in Toronto on the HST, from the Toronto Sun:

The new 13% harmonized sales tax comes into effect in Ontario on July 1, 2010 and it will likely hit the whole housing market hard.

If you haven’t sold by July 1, you may well be out of luck. And if you haven’t bought by then, well, maybe you’ll want to change your mind.

And the funny thing is, hardly anyone seems to realize it.

“There are going to be a lot of very surprised people on July 1,” says Jim Flood, director of government relations for the Ontario Real Estate Association. “It’s a massive tax increase.”

Read Connie Woodcock’s full article “Liberals’ harmonized tax will sour real estate market” in the Toronto Sun (September 27, 2009).

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