Plan put to council could add to soaring costs for Vancouver homeowners

(Source: The Province)

Forcing Vancouver homeowners to do green upgrades as a condition of getting a home-renovation permit could backfire, critics caution.

The idea was brought forward to city council Tuesday as a “priority action” by the Greenest City Action Team.

“Requiring efficiency upgrades as a permit condition for renovations” was one of six priority recommendations the team wants council to adopt in a bid to make Vancouver more environmentally friendly.

But critics warn that forced green upgrades could making living in Vancouver more expensive — at a time when housing and property taxes are already soaring.

“Trying to force people to add unaffordable upgrades to their homes could backfire. At a time when property taxes are skyrocketing, the last thing the City of Vancouver should be doing is making home ownership even less affordable,” said Maureen Bader of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Read Lena Sin’s full article “Forced green renos could make living in Vancouver more expensive” in The Province (September 27, 2009).

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