Real estate agents, don’t worry! You are not competing with Courteney Cox (aka Jules Cobb) to sell houses! In fact, this picture is part of a marketing campaign for the new ABC show “Cougar Town”.

Read the following snippet from Time:

No, Courteney Cox hasn’t gone into a new line of work. This sign… is part of a stealth campaign for Cox’s upcoming ABC sitcom Cougar Town. Cox’s character, besides being an older gal with an eye for the younger fellas, is also a real-estate agent…

Given the foot traffic on a sleepy brownstone block, the notion of ABC paying people to stealth-advertise the show this way doesn’t seem like the greatest idea. (Though perhaps a better idea than the show itself, the pilot for which at least is unfunny and more than a little skeevy. And the taste you’ll get by calling the working 877 number isn’t much more promising.)

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