September 20, 2009

With foreclosures still gripping parts of the United States, some companies are trying to cash in on the sad situation. What is one way some companies are profiting from this? Fighting neglected and ugly lawns with paint!

Check out this snippet from “Brown lawn? Nothing a coat of paint can’t fix“:

At least one new company, Pro Lawn Painting, is specializing in lawn painting. Another, Quick Lawn, offers the paint along with other services.

“It’s the same stuff used on athletic turfs,” said Cass Eversull, 38, owner of Pro Lawn. “We paint the brown or dead grass with a nontoxic turf colorant. Within one hour, it makes brown grass look green, and it lasts up to three months.”

But some landscapers said the painting is a way for real estate agents to “cover up” neglected lawns so properties will sell better.

“It’s like putting a dress on a pig and saying it looks good,” said Dave Ziegler, who has been a landscaper in Reno for 10 years. “It’s a joke.”

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