Buyers returning with a vengeance…pent-up demand from those who waited for economy to improve…bidding wars are back…”plenty of prospective buyers but a dearth of houses to show them”…

For Kimberly Ukrainec, the morning began much like any other as she made coffee on a recent Thursday in her two-bedroom condominium unit near Jarvis and Wellesley in Toronto.

But events quickly gained momentum as Ms. Ukrainec fielded three offers to buy her condo, monitored the ensuing face-off, and sold it to the highest bidder before entering into a contest of her own for a townhouse in Liberty Village. By the time she switched off her cell phone late that night, she had endured two skirmishes, sold one property and bought another.

Read the full article by Caroly Ireland “Back to boom” in the Globe and Mail (Sept 25, 2009).

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