What happened to Woodbine Live?

Cliff Peskin

August 20, 2009

It’s been about seven months since Woodbine Live! posted a news update on the official Woodbine Live! site. The website for the developer ‘The Cordish Companyhasn’t posted a release since April 30th, 2009. A recent call to the developer’s office hasn’t yet received a response. And, several posts on Urban Toronto are calling the whole thing a ‘fantasy with a website’. Is the project still on track? – currently BuzzBuzzHome is researching what the status on this project actually is and will post an update shortly. The following gives an overview of what the Woodbine Live! project is all about – and some info on its developers.

Woodbine Live! is a massive new Toronto development, located in the GTA’s Northwest corner, slated for completion in just two years from now. The project is to consist of six branded entertainment and retail districts and four distinct neighbourhoods. It is claimed as the GTA’s largest private sector tourism development, with an estimated investment in excess of $1 billion.

The project is being developed by Baltimore-based The Cordish Company in partnership with Canada’s largest horseracing operator, Woodbine Entertainment Group (WEG). The Cordish Company is one of the largest U.S. developers specializing in a range of projects such as lifestyle, outlet and community shopping centres.

According to a January ’09 news article on the Woodbine Live! website, “The expertise (of The Cordish Company) and the grandeur of this site were likely among the motivational reasons that had Toronto councillors forego $120-million in new property taxes over 20 years – the most generous tax relief Toronto has ever granted.”

Should the project move forward and actually reach completion it is sure to be quite the development, quite the tourist attraction and quite the hangout. Update on its development status coming soon – after a little more research.

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