Did you know that Toronto almost got another East-West subway line 20 years ago?

Matthew Slutsky
August 24, 2009

I always find it annoying going to other cities, and seeing the vast number of subway stations across their cities, as compared to Toronto’s subway system. With some hope, all that may change in the upcoming years, as Toronto commences re-studying the Downtown Relief Line, providing an East-West line south of Bloor.

According to Allison Hanes, in the article TTC to study downtown relief line, “The Toronto Transit Commission plans to seriously study the feasibility of a new downtown subway line, as an idea that’s been dubbed the “missing link” in the city’s transit network gathers steam.”

The study of the Downtown Relief Line will most likely start this fall, with public consultations commencing next year, and ending in 2011. YES! Previously studies were conducted on the line in the 1980s, but according to the TTC Chair, Mr. Giambrone, a more detailed analysis is needed to push the idea forward. “The study in 1989 was very preliminary,” he said. “We need to do much more real engineering.”

This new line has the potential to take the burdern off the Yonge, University and Bloor lines, while connecting the growing neighbourhoods to the east and west of the city.

Sounds like a great investment in the future of Toronto.

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