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Mr. Shnaider is a major investor in the Trump International & Tower going up at Bay and Adelaide streets in Toronto’s financial district. He purchased the penthouse suite in the building for himself, valued at $20-million.

Two of Toronto’s richest men are said to have come to an agreement on one of the Middle East’s most contentious issues — who will own Israel’s most storied soccer franchise. Russian-born Toronto billionaire Alex Shnaider is selling Maccabi Tel Aviv to Toronto real estate magnate Mitchell Goldhar.

The Israel soccer community has been abuzz for more than a week over rumours than Mr. Shnaider might hand over the team to Mr. Goldhar for virtually nothing. Sources confirmed last night that Mr. Goldhar, who owns private shopping centre developer SmartCentres, had agreed to purchase Mr. Shnaider’s 80% interest in the club.

Mr. Goldhar’s wealth derives from his 25% stake in Calloway Real Estate Investment Trust, one of the largest publicly traded shopping centre owners in Canada with a market capitalization of $1.4-billion. Mr. Goldhar is reported to be a major soccer buff. His real estate empire is focused almost exclusively in Canada with no connection to Israel.

Read the full article by Peter KuitenbrouwerBillionaires kick around Israeli soccer club” in the National Post (Augst 5, 2009).

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