(Source: Journal of Commerce)

The contractor and subcontractor building a luxury condominium in Saskatoon weren’t in compliance with workplace safety laws when a construction worker plunged to his death.

Cementco Contracting Ltd. employee Andrew Smith, 23, plummeted six storeys on Dec. 10 at the construction site of the Luxe Condominium.

He fell onto Meridian Development Corporation employee John Falcon, 35, who tried to catch Smith and suffered several serious injuries.

At the time of the incident, investigators couldn’t say whether or not Smith was wearing a safety harness.

“The tragic death of Andrew Smith while at work demonstrates the employer did not ensure the health and safety of its own workers,” said occupational health officer Glen Metivier in an inspection report dated Dec 12.

“It was observed that the employer did not ensure workers were wearing the required Personal Protective Equipment, exposed rebar that could be a hazard to workers existed at various locations on site and nails were observed protruding from materials creating a hazard.”

According to the report, Smith had been warned repeatedly for not wearing the proper safety equipment.

Read Richard Gilbert’s full article “Safety laws broken when worker fell six storeys” in the Journal of Commerce (August 5, 2009).

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