Yasir Naqvi is the parliamentary assistant to Ontario Revenue Minister John Wilkinson. Next month on Sept. 18 he will present Ontario’s new harmonized tax plan to 250 condo managers at a luncheon panel. HST will add approximately 6.5 percent to all condo maintenance fees in addition to potentially increasing the cost of purchasing and building condos – it is therefore a despised plan for the average condominium manager of Ontario. “He’s going to get roasted alive” predicted the president of the Canadian Condominium Institute…

The Toronto Star)

Ontario MPP Yasir Naqvi will face some tough questions next month when he’s expected to take part in a luncheon panel organized by the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario.

As parliamentary assistant to Ontario Revenue Minister John Wilkinson, he’ll be there to sell the new harmonized sales tax to a sector that will be hard hit. And for sure, the 250 condo managers expected at the Sept. 18 event will be a tough audience.

Read the full article by Ellen Moorehouse “Condo crowd rampls up the HST fight” in the Toronto Star (August 29, 2009).

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