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Anyone who has ever lived in a condo – or an apartment – knows storage poses a challenge. If you live in a house, you just pile stuff away in the basement, the attic or the garage.

With a condo, however, there are none of these handy spaces to set aside things you may need in future or want to save in case someone else does. Where do you put the Christmas tree, the bicycle, the old rowing machine you thought you would use to trim down or the sofa that is still too good to relegate to a landfill?

The options boil down to three: buy a storage locker in your condo building – if any are still available; rent a cubicle in a public self-storage facility; or see if a friend or relative with a house or garage is willing to store your stuff.

I can’t help you with the last one. My basement is full – same with my garage. But I can tell you what the experts say about the other two.

Read Terrence Belford’s article, and analysis on lockers and public storage, “When it comes to space solutions, one size doesn’t fit all” in the Globe and Mail (August 7, 2009).

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