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When new online real estate is carved out of cyberspace next year, two companies are hoping it will include a swath of eco-friendly property.

A California-based group named Dot Eco LLC and Vancouver company Big Room are gearing up for a battle to control the dot-eco domain registry, giving it power to dole out use of the three-letter suffix.

Each has support from environmental heavyweights, each plans to donate part of their proceeds and each is willing to fork over almost $200,000 US to submit a bid to manage use of the three-letter suffix.

The two part ways when it comes to methodology, however.

Dot Eco LLC vows to donate half its profits to groups combating global warming and has partnered with former U.S. vice-president and environmental crusader Al Gore and the Alliance for Climate Protection.

Their vision as extolled by co-founder Minor Childers on their slick Arctic-themed website is as follows: “Across the globe we are witnessing an awakening, a realization that the imprint of human activity has finally overwhelmed the earth’s ability to absorb it .… [Dot-eco is] a tool to call us together, to share what we’re doing right and to power our efforts to do better.”

Read the full article “The coming dot-eco boom: battling for the green domain” in CBC News (August 26, 2009).

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