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The largest consumer spending demographic in the economy are Baby Boomers. And consumer spending making up over 70 percent of our economy, there are concerns that with stock portfolios and real estate values down significantly in the last eighteen months, Boomers are not going to be able to spend like they have in the past.

Yes, the stock market has rallied significantly since March. But there are many questions. What’s behind this latest rally? Is it real? How long will it last? What if the economy doesn’t strongly rebound and we double dip into recession as many economists are predicting may happen in 2010? Could the stock market turn back around and revisit the March 2009 lows? And why will Boomers be a key to our economic and stock market recovery?

Read Matt Montgomery’s full article “Boomers may hold key to stock market recovery” in the Daily Progress (August 2, 2009).

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