(Source: New York Post)

It’s an attack on the Big Mac.

Residents of the most expensive condo in Harlem are turning their noses up at a planned McDonald’s in their midst.

Aghast at the potential grease stench, rodents, loitering and trash, not to mention plummeting property values, some say they would rather chip in and rent or buy the ground-floor space themselves than have the golden arches move in.

“There’s a stigma to . . . a luxury building having McDonald’s as a retail tenant,” said Gary Davis, condo board president at 111 Central Park North. He said residents were weighing whether to pony up for the property and turn it into storage space.

Davis said that in addition to a potential hit on home values, wafting odors were a major issue, especially since the apartments have terraces, a major selling point given the sweeping park views.

Read Melissa Klein’s full article “GRIMACE OVER CONDO MCD’S” in the New York Post (August 9, 2009).

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