(Source: Local BC News)

With the 2010 Olympics inching closer, so too are anxieties about housing evictions.

Tenants have approached the District of West Vancouver concerned they’ll be kicked out of units while landlords take advantage of lucrative Games rental prices, said Liz Holitzki, West Van’s manager of permits, inspections and bylaws.

West Van council voted in favour of a bylaw change allowing property owners to rent rooms and homes during the Games last week.

Similar to Vancouver, after Aug. 1 West Van homeowners will not be eligible for a licence if a tenant complains they are being evicted to make room for Olympic visitors. But unlike Vancouver, West Van doesn’t have a concerned tenants’ registry, something Vancouver uses to cross reference property owners’ applications. “So far we didn’t look at having an official registrar but our position here is we would always work with (tenants), regardless, to try and resolve (problems),” Holitzki said.

Read Rebecca Aldous’ full article “Tenants concerned about Olympic evictions” in the Local BC News (July 15, 2009).

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